Lonja de la Seda: facade and decoration

Silk Exchange : frontage and medallions

The building facades were designed by Pere Compte and feature 28 gargoyles evokink human being’s vices and virtues. Filth and fantasies are the basic ingredients of many of these scenes where scatology and sexual freedom are mixed. Because of the distance, gargoyles were always very popular by stonemasons to express daring, mocking and irreverence.

On this picture, a gargoyle represents a woman with bare breasts caressing her sex with her hands. She has an open mouth to express her pleasure and not to utter a curse. Other gargoyles are found throughout the building facade representing mainly fantasy elements, mixing animals and characters in a burlesque and depraved manner.

On the frontage facing the market square, you may also notice the arches decorated with 40 Renaissance medallions with busts of Roman emperors and illustrious persons of History.

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