Lonja de la Seda: the Great Tower (Torreón)

The Great Tower (or donjon) of the Commodity Exchange Building

The Great Tower or Donjon (Torreón) of the Silk Exchange is located in the center between the Sala de Contratación (Contract room) and the Consulado del Mar (Consulate of the Sea).

You can access to this tower by the Sala de Contratación through a spiral staircase without central axis, that is a real architectural achievement.

The gargoyles of the Torreón represent perversion. In one corner, you can observe a happy figure with monk clothing and a grotesque face that opens her mouth mockingly while he is holding a mass mid-dolphin mid-pig. This is clearly a scene of zoophilia in which pleasure is found in the violation of an animal. In the other corner, another very explicit gargoyle challenges us, holding a man by the buttocks showing a very pronounced central hole.

Other gargoyles of the great tower mock and provoke the street of the Lonja, representing monstrous beings with a delectable and joyful attitude such as defecating.

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