Lonja de la Seda: Contract Hall (Room of Columns)

Silk Exchange: Trading Room (Sala de contratación)

The Room of Columns (Sala de Contratación or Salón Columnario), is an impressive hall with its high columns and vaults looking like plam trees. This room has three longitudinal naves and five transversal ones and it is distinguished by its 24 twisted pillars supporting the vaults intersecting ribs.
Its height is 17.40 meters and its area of 781 m2.

On the ground, you can admire the black, white and ocher, marble tiles, which in some places draw six-pointed stars.

This room was the place where were carried out trade and commercial transactions of all types. It is in this space of Mediterranean Gothic style that was placed the “Taula de Canvis” (exchange table), commercial bank established in 1407 by the Municipal Council of the city.

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